Changing the Deck Layout

Reshaping the cockpit

For no obvious reason, immediately aft of the wheel there was a deep (500mm) trough and the space ran forward of the wheel under the mizzen mast to the doghouse. The trough was too deep and too narrow to be sensible to stand in while steering, and too low to make a foot well if sitting in the cockpit. Forward of the mizzen mast the trough didn’t give a comfortable step down onto the engine cover. So, out with the trough and in with a better arrangement altogether.



(the work is done but no “after” photos yet)

Anchor Locker

There was no anchor locker, so I’ve cut a hole in the deck near the bow and we will put a watertight locker beneath it to hold not just the anchor chain, but also any gas bottles we have.


(the work is done but no “after” photos yet)

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