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On her mooring Joss had a roller furled jib, a mainsail stacked in a cover and a mizzen main also stacked in a cover.  The jib had clearly suffered from UV degradation on the outside but the condition of the other two was hidden by the covers.

With the sails taken off and spread on the sail maker’s floor the level of damage was clear and surprisingly small!  We have had the UV strip replaced along with the eyes at the head and foot of the jib and the sail covers were re-stitched.

WP_20141115_002 Jib 600x337

Digging around in the lockers in the stern we found a second jib identical to the first and another sail that is too small and too full to be a spare main sail and too small and not full enough to be a spinnaker.  Both were in good condition and are now washed and ready for use.  To match the two identical jibs there are two tracks on the furler – this means that down wind we will be able to fly both jibs, one either side of the forestay and we have two whisker poles to hold them out.  A spinnaker should be unnecessary.

The use of the other “not a main, not a spinnaker” is still a puzzle.  Its a different colour scheme from the other sails so it may not actually belong at all.  The other possibility is that its meant to be flown as a mizzen staysail. This is set with the luff between the base of the mainmast and the top of the mizzen with the foot lead aft.  We have strong points and winches that can make this work, but it will be a new experience.