More Painting

I’m happy to do the deck and interior painting where I can re-do and correct if I get it wrong, but for below the waterline and the topsides I want a professional finish. Unfortunately this comes at a cost and my estimates of the coast of prep and painting is the one area I was badly out on when I did my original estimates. Grit blasting and primer on the hull cost about £1600, the estimate for below the waterline is £3500 and another £3000 for the topsides. These two estimates are beyond the budget so we have limited the topsides to 2 coats of primer.

Joss has gone into the shed but the goalpost over the stern was too tall and has been cut off and will be made to bolt back on.

Seeing her indoors gives a new sense of scale.


Below the waterline there is a coat of 3m Gp120 metalic solvent free epoxy primer followed by two layers of Interfill 833 epoxy filler and four layers of Hemple High protect high build epoxy primer then two further coats of primer followed by a tie coat of Gel shield then a tie coat of International Interspeed Navy hard antifoul. She will get normal antifoul just before she goes in the water.

On the topsides the fill and fare that was done below the waterline has been carried on a short way up the topsides which deals with the worst of the pitting. Rather than then doing the rest of the prep to get a real gloss finish we just have two coats of Hempadur to protect the surface.   The proper glossing can then be done later.


The colour both below the waterline and on the topsides is RAL5003. The sheerline will be the same as the deck and then there will be a boostripe and a stripe at window level in yellow (RAL 3016??).


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